How to build a website : Intro

Websites : how do I start?

This is a series about “how to build a website”.
It’s not a technical instruction guide, it’s written with marketeers and business owners in mind.

Working in a marketing department I developed and managed corporate websites and (extranet) portals for more than a decade (in a role of business SPOC).
I also started several personal blogs, but never followed through (lack of time and focus). But from this experience I learned about registering & managing domain names and about hosting.

We don’t know if in 10 years we will be still building websites. The increasing advancements in IA and robots (also in websites) will have an impact on website building. Some first steps of using AI in website building can be found in, a self acclaimed “AI web designer”.

Websites : topics

What are some of the topics you can expect from these posts?
– A few thoughts about branding, vision, mission (and strategy)
– Domain name selection and registration
– Impact of the selected website technology
– Hosting selection
– Content, images, copy writing & SEO
– Design & usability
– Webmaster tools (renamed to Google Search Console)
– Reporting of success or failure

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